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The Victorian Government recognises the significant benefits languages education offers for students, their families, the wider community and Victoria’s economic prosperity. This is why the Government has committed to introducing compulsory languages education for all government school students from Prep to Year 10 by 2025, starting with Prep in 2015. In making this commitment, the Government highlighted the need to grow and improve the diversity of languages that are taught across Victoria, by supporting and strengthening community languages schools and ensuring community languages continue to be spoken by the next generation of Victorians.

The Government’s languages education commitment was reinforced by the release of The Victorian Government’s Vision for Languages Education in November 2011. It highlights the need to strengthen partnerships to better leverage the expertise and support of complementary providers, in particular community languages schools, as many of the challenges are common across all providers and there is much to gain by sharing expertise and knowledge and working together to address these challenges. In this context, the significant role that community languages schools play in supporting the maintenance and development of the languages and cultures of our diverse ethnic communities is acknowledged and highlighted.

Realising the Vision requires us to build on and move beyond the approaches we have adopted to date and to consolidate and extend both the opportunities that learners have to engage in languages learning and the sources on which teachers and language learners can draw. Partnerships between mainstream schools and community languages schools are central to this new way of thinking. These partnerships offer exciting new opportunities to strengthen languages education for all Victorian young people in the years to come ‒ adopting new teaching and organisational approaches involving mainstream schools and community languages schools to maximise language resources and create more opportunities for students to use the languages they are learning in meaningful and authentic ways.

The Language Ambassadors program will enhance the promotion of languages. It will create discussion between students, parents, teachers and broader members of our society who promote languages, see its purpose in all spheres of life, education, sport, trade, international relations, food, fashion the arts , travel and many other areas.

Languages also enhances persons cognitive capacity , Studying a language can be done in many ways , but when living it, experiencing the culture, interacting with the community ( and in Victoria we are blessed with 200 different communities from throughout the world) and having an awareness of traditions , customs and history gives a person greater appreciation of the language, the country of study, of life .

We grow a fuller person .

The Language Ambassadors program is another bow and another practical strategy , another resource in the Victorian Government's commitment in making language a living , exciting, practical and rewarding element of education.

Our purpose
Love of Languages - Language Ambassadors Website

Not just language, a new way of thinking.
Another language, another skill.

The website using Language Ambassadors provides ;
Strong, current, relevant, content managed with flair and commitment to the ultimate task—driving all parts of the community to the benefits of maintaining mother tongue language and taking on additional languages beyond their native tongue.

    1. Its Role
    2. Essential point is Love Of Language Language Ambassadors Website :
      • It is motivational, inspirational, aspirational and with clear outcomes in promoting the study of languages .
      • it’s about a better life, a new skill, a new way of thinking!
      • Not just language, a new way of thinking.
        Another language, another skill.

    3. To Provide :

          Information, support links, editorial positions, and seeks regular contributor to promote
          • growth in the learning of second languages. It has also been constructed as the centre point for social media communiques through Facebook, Twitter and other mediums
          • Connected promotional printed and digital material delivered to schools, communities, local government, and education department, pushing people to the website, and the program.
          • Videos that can spread the word rapidly and widely,. The values espoused by TED.com are particularly relevant to this messaging. Many of the TED talks focus on the beauty of language, and links to these, and other similar lectures, discussions, etc., play a significant part of the web presence.
          • A recruiting process for Ambassadors
          • A process for contacting Language Ambassadors/
          • Interactive communication capacities—questions to be answered by real people, in real time.
          • Opportunities for the development of a community—those who study language, and can express their joy at such involvement.
          • All the above are integrated into existing programs and educational resources that focus on motivational and personalised learning. Personalised learning techniques—in which students with special interests are identified and encouraged—is a significant component of growing the plan for language participation. (http://www.viccso.org.au/bigideas/languageseducation) is a powerful guide to “how best to improve, extend mainstream languages learning”.

          Target audiences

          • Teachers and Principals  

          • Parents
          • Students
          • Communities
          • Departments of Education and Educational centres
          • Potential Language Ambassadors
          • Local Governments
          • Sporting bodies
          • Philanthropic bodies—Lions Club, Rotary etc
          • Business world,
          • Fashion and Food
          • The Arts
          • Diplomatic Corps
          • Alumni groups
          • Language Associations
          • Tertiary institutions

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