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French is widely spoken and studied around the world. You too can learn to speak French like a native.


Vietnamese is one of Asia's and Australia's biggest languages. It is the official language for Vietnam's 90m. residents, while Australia has its own large Vietnamese community. If you are interested in learning an Asian language, then Vietnamese may be for you.


Korean is a real language of contrasts. It is the language of South Korea with its vibrant economy and powerhouse pop culture. It is also spoken in North Korea, the world's most totalitarian and isolated country. Korean also has its own writing system.


Russian is a language of great history, power and reach. It is spoken all the way from Eastern Europe across Siberia to Alaska in North America. You can travel far with Russian.

Chinese (Mandarin)

Mandarin Chinese is the world's biggest first language. It's also the official language of China, with more than 1.35 billion inhabitants. You can learn Chinese too.


Indonesian is the official language of Indonesia, our biggest neighbour. It's also easy to learn.

The World Of Language
How bilingualism could help brain development in prematurely born babies.

Could an extra language help brain development in prem babies? Research

5 tips for parents who want to raise their children in Spanish.

The story is the same around the world - how do you teach your children to be bilingual? Here are 5 tips for Spanish but they apply to every language.


Victoria's community languages schools will join together tonight in launching the Speak My Language Campaign to reinforce the importance of languages education, cultural maintenance and social harmony.

Melbourne boy wakes from coma speaking Mandarin, goes on to TV stardom in China

Melbourne's own Ben McMahon wakes from a coma and starts speaking Mandarin - to the amazement of his family. He recovers and goes on to TV stardom in China. Language skills opens doors!

Mayday mayday! Or why bilingual skills are important - as this funny ad shows.

Language skills are invaluable in any situation - especially during an international maritime emergency - as this clever little ad shows.

Lucy is in big trouble in Paris - only chain translation can save her.

Lucy's in trouble in Paris and needs language assistance big time - watch this hilarious language chain as we move from French to German to Spanish to English and back again....

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Triennial International Conference of the Settlement Council of Australia

THE Settlement Council of Australia (SCOA) is hosting the Triennial and International Conference 5-7 May 2016. The conference theme is 'Settlement and Citizenship in Civil Society' which acknowledges the impact of the global domain on communities, societies and citizenship. Sign up now.

Multicultural Day @ Victoria University, Footscray campus, 25 May 2016

Don't miss Multicultural Day at the Footscray campus of Victoria University on May 25th

¡Hola! Spanish cinema on its way to you

Who doesn't enjoy a good film in Spanish? The Spanish Film Festival is coming to a cinema near you in 2016.

Indonesian Language Refresher Program 28 June-7 July 2016

Indonesian teachers can refresh their language skills with a special 40 hour program at the University of Melbourne. Enrol now.

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Many of our ambassadors are willing to speak to school groups & organisations.

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LOL ambassadors are passionate about languages. Whether they have learnt them or are still learning them, or have always spoken them at home, our ambassadors are able to live life to the fullest – with more than one language. 

Are you a language ambassador? Then let us know about it – in 100 words or less.

LOL Ambassadors
Daniel Ednie-Lockett

Daniel Ednie-Lockett is the founder of Language Connection, a not for profit which runs language exchanges and conferences for native speakers and learners of English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Daniel speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin and has worked as a TV presenter in Mandarin in China for the last two years.

Helen Kapalos

I began my career as a reporter on ABC Radio in Newcastle in 1994 before moving to SBS after winning a national scholarship. In 2001, I was approached to join the Nine Network as a reporter on National Nine News where I covered breaking news events such as the Waterfall train disaster and the historic Sydney Gang rape trial. I played a key role in the 2004 Athens Olympics coverage, where I reported for several news and current affairs programs from the Greek capital and across Europe. Upon my return I was appointed host of the Late News program Nightline. In addition to that role, I presented a weekly news segment on the Network's flagship current affairs program Sunday, alongside host Jana Wendt.


First Sudanese refugee to obtain a Medical degree in Victoria

Dr Linny Phuong

State Finalist Young Australian of the Year 2013

Fablice Manirakiza

Maintaining language culture is very important not just to me but to all the diversity communities as well as the wider community of Australia, English is my second language, I understand the importance of it, not just in our everyday life but also in connecting with the world politicly, economically and other aspects, but to most of us this wouldn't slow us in maintaining our main language, the world of today is about creating and sharing we should all be proud of who we are and share our cultural across the world, but it all start with your own identity of where you come from, I believe maintaining language is important to achieve all the desire of making this world a better place.


"I was born to play in Grand Finals," says Robert DiPierdomenico, somewhat humbly.

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Meeting Ambassadors
Robert Dipper

AFL Premiership player, Brownlow medallist, Coach of AFL international Peace team, international chaperone for parents of draftees.

Meeting with Dr Hass Dellal

Hass Dellal, Acting Chair SBS Board and Executive of Australian Multicultural Foundation - local national and international experience.

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