Fablice Manirakiza

October 22, 2014

Fablice is working at Multicultural Arts Victoria in the area of youth and cultural development. Fablice was the 2014 recipient of the Inaugural Arts and Cultural Development Scholarship for Refugee Youth at Multicultural Arts Victoria, made possible through the bequest from the Estate of Beverley Shelton and her late husband, Martin Schönthal. He is a former child soldier from Burundi who has been calling Australia home since 2007. He came to Australia with his sister and his two nephews who were very keen to start school when they arrived. Fablice has now completed VCE (Year 12) at Westall Secondary College and currently studying part time International Business at RMIT University where he plans to complete his degree.

Fablice has faced a difficult life experiences such as becoming an orphan at age 8 and then being forced to become a child soldier on the age of 11. Fablice has always wished to become a musician to educate people about the harsh realities of third world life and to encourage young people to understand that they’re the future and leaders of tomorrow. Fablice is part of hip hop duo The Flybz with his nephew G Storm. They have just released their debut single with the great Paul Kelly which has started to get national airplay on JJJ.

The Flybz are definitely hot property, doing workshops at schools including Xavier College, Ivanhoe Grammar, Whitefriars College, Riverview College Sydney (where Tony Abbot went to school), St Ignatius Adelaide, Rosebud College, Torquay College and more. Fablice was nominated for a National Youth Award and attend the official ceremony for the event in Adelaide in 2013.

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